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  • Review Price: £171.05

OKI pioneered the use of a high-resolution strip of LEDs, rather than a laser beam, as the light source of its printers and the extra simplicity of the design has proved itself over the years. The company’s latest range of mono page printers uses a 2,400 x 600dpi strip of LEDs and makes strong claims for its speed and print quality, in the B410dn, which is a high-end home or small business printer.

Maybe it’s just taste, but to us OKI printers always manage to look a little dated in comparison with some of their sleeker contemporaries. The B410dn does better than some, with its cream and dark grey casing, but the front panel, with oversized cover release button and deep-set LCD panel, doesn’t do it any favours. The LCD display, in particular, is in desperate need of a backlight, as it’s very hard to read, even when you’re standing right over it.

At the bottom of the front cover is a 250-sheet paper tray and there’s a fold down, single-sheet multipurpose tray above this. Paper feeds to a deep inset in the top cover and you’re unlikely to need the fold up paper stop near the front.

At the back, unusually, are three different connection sockets, for USB, Ethernet and legacy parallel cables. There should be little problem connecting this machine into a brand-new or legacy environment.

Software installation is a different matter, though. After installing driver files, there’s the instruction ‘Step 2. Switch on your printer. The “New Hardware Found” wizard will start.’ Yes, and? Do you follow the wizard or cancel it, as most printer setups require? There are no further instructions.

In fact, you should follow the wizard, but it then fails to find some required DLLs and needs steering manually to two different folders: System 32 and a driver folder on the OKI CD. We’re sure this isn’t meant to happen, but our test PC uses a very vanilla Windows XP installation and we tried it twice, with identical results.

Fitting the consumables is straightforward, as the drum unit comes pre-installed and all you need do is clip in the small toner cartridge, which piggybacks onto it. Toner is good for 3,500 ISO pages, so you won’t need to refill it too frequently.

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