Odin Sphere - Odin Sphere



In addition, the structure of the game makes it perfect for playing in small chunks, provided you can resist the lure of just one more stage. And did I mention that it features an anime witch who spends here whole time in a cape, sexy underwear and little else? I guess I could moan on about the odd bit of slow-down or some mildly irritating English voice-work – though the overall standard is really very good – but we’re talking minor niggles, not anything that will seriously mar your enjoyment of the game.

The PS2 may troll along for a while longer, pushing out new versions of FIFA or kiddie film licenses, but there’s a small chance that this is the last brilliant original game it ever sees. If so, what a game to go out on: Odin Sphere is more epic, interesting and entertaining than several more heavily hyped titles I could mention. Ninety Nine Nights and Kingdom of Fire: Circle of Doom, for example, could both have benefited from more of the charm and a little of the depth found hidden here. And if Odin Sphere is the last 2D action RPG we see on Sony’s outgoing system, I sincerely hope that it’s not the last 2D action RPG of all. Something like this on an HD console would really be something to behold.


A staggering showcase of sheer 2D artistry wrapped around a game that’s not as simple as it first appears. Odin Sphere is a must for RPG fans and anime nuts, but surprisingly rewarding for everyone else.


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