Nokia 7210 Supernova - Nokia 7210 Supernova



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Music playback is hamstrung by a few irritations. Purely cosmetic it may be, but the lack of support for album art is irritating. More practically, the 2.5mm headset slot is unforgivable in this day and age. Even users of the most entry-level music capable phone you can think of deserve a 3.5mm headset slot. The provided in-ear headset is basic though its sound quality is OK, and the handset supports A2DP.

There is an equaliser that actually does have a discernable effect on playback and comes with two user presets for some fine-tuning. However, you have to leave the music player to get to it, which means a few more button presses than I think are necessary. An FM radio with RDS is also available and can auto-tune its 12 presets. Shame it doesn’t offer more presets, though.

Wi-Fi and GPS are a step too far for this phone. If you want them, you’ll have to look elsewhere. On the other hand, you get a smattering of other applications and features. Among them is mobile email, of course, and Yahoo! Go, the mobile portal for Yahoo! email, as well as weather, Flickr, route planning and various news services.

There is a voice recorder, alarm clock, calendar, to do list, notes maker, calculator, countdown timer, stopwatch and, in the apps folder, there’s a bit more to bulk things out, including a unit converter, WidSets, world clock and Nokia Sensor. Seasweeper, Sudoku and Snake III cover the gaming facilities.

The 860mAh battery is quoted as good for just two hours of talk time and 250 hours on standby. This phone will get you through a few days if all you do is make the odd phone call or send a text. But if you are into your music and/or radio then expect to boost the battery every other day or even daily.


The Nokia 7210 Supernova left me somewhat nonplussed in terms of what you get for your money. If Nokia had shaved £20 off the SIM-free price it might have notched up a slightly higher set of scores, but even then, a 2-megapixel camera is barrel-scraping these days.