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The camera is basic too. It shoots stills at 2-megapxiels, which is very much an entry-level spec these days. There is no self-portrait mirror, no autofocus, no flash and no dedicated side-button for starting its software. Instead, when you take the phone out of its box you can push up on the D-pad to start the camera rolling, but you can reassign this and the other D-pad points as you see fit. Shooting is achieved by pressing the select button in the centre of the D-pad.

There is a self-timer and a few effects: greyscale, sepia, solarise, negative and false colours, which fiddles with the palette turning blues into oranges, reds into blues. You’ve got a couple of white balance settings too, but that’s about it. You can shoot images in sequence but only if you drop right down to 640 x 480 pixels.

Given its constraints, the camera performed fairly well indoors. The coloured dish, shot under normal household lights, is quite vibrant, though photos in low-light conditions were far from ideal. Outside, the chair test shot is reasonable given the camera’s capabilities but the cat photo shows off a problem I had time after time. Any kind of contrast between light and dark seems to fox the phone totally and the lighter areas get over exposed. Our old friend shutter lag makes an appearance too.

You can upload images straight to Flickr if you manage to photograph something you’re proud enough of to want to share. Video capture, incidentally, is limited to 10fps and so isn’t up to a great deal.

The 30MB of internal memory is hardly generous, though you can bump this up with microSD cards. The card slot is under the backplate. It isn’t SDHC compatible so microSD memory maxes out at 2GB.

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