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If you can live with the foibles, sound output is acceptable and there’s an FM radio that can auto-tune stations. It has just seven storage slots though, so isn’t as capable as many integrated radios. Sound quality from the headphones is OK and the volume goes fairly loud. The loudspeaker is passable too.

The camera is a bit of a disaster. It shoots photos at a maximum of just 1.3-megapixels making it pretty low-end by today’s standards. It is a fixed focus camera with no flash and no self-portrait mirror. It does have a dedicated side key but this only launches the camera from the handset’s home screen. At least the whole screen acts as a widescreen viewfinder. There are few settings to fiddle with; just a night mode, 3, 5 and 10 second timers, and a sequence shot mode, but that’s about it.

Indoors, the camera is woeful. The coloured dish, shot under normal household lighting, is dark and dingy. In darker lighting conditions such as in a pub or restaurant the camera is very poor. The chair looks reasonable in terms of definition for a 1.3-megapixel camera, but its white colour gives way to pinky hues. And the yellow flower is over exposed. The best you can expect from this camera is mediocre.

Battery life, at least, was reasonably good. With little to tax it, I didn’t need to worry about charging it every day. A power burst every other day seemed fine and Nokia says it should last for up to 12 hours 14 minutes on music playback.

Applications over and above those already mentioned include mobile email, voice recorder, alarm clock, calendar, to do list, notes application, calculator, timer, stopwatch and a couple of games.


The 7100 Supernova is disappointing given the price Nokia wants to sell it for. I thought the 7210 Supernova could have done with a £20 price reduction, and I think the same about the 7100 Supernova.

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