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The colour splash is where you’ll find the two softkeys and Call and End keys, the latter doubling as the main on/off switch. The navi button is large and its frame is also sizeable. I’d say even those with really stubby fingers should be able to get around this handset fine.

The screen is small at just 2in and its 65,000 colour handling specification is a bit below par these days, though it doesn’t actually look all that bad in use. It does, however, look pretty lost in its surroundings.

The phone is a quad-band GSM handset with GPRS and EDGE. Despite its low-rating as far as data is concerned Nokia has built Opera Mini into the phone. This makes web browsing a surprisingly positive experience. No, you can’t see a whole lot at any one time, but Opera Mini is fairly fast, has a good full screen mode that helps you get the gist of what a web page has on offer, and is a dab hand at zooming too.

In full page view you can move a small box around using the navigation pad to zero in on the part of a web page you are interested in. Press the select button and that section is resolved full screen. And with a few more button presses than I’d like, you can push a web page into landscape mode for a slightly better view in most cases.

The packaging and its contents are both minimal. The phone comes in a small cardboard box that contains just a diminutive printed manual, stereo headset, Nokia compact charger and the phone itself. The headset has a 2.5mm connector and is one piece. The in-ear buds are the flat type that refuse to stay put in my own shell-likes.

That’s already two points against the 7100 Supernova for music fan’s, without even testing the player itself. And there are more. If you want to get data onto the device from a local source you’ll need to have Bluetooth on your source. There is no synching software or cable in the box and no suggestion that synching is even possible. Neither is there a microSD card slot on the phone. There is just 4MB of built-in memory so even if you choose to download tunes you won’t get a huge library on board.

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