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The Nokia 5800’s screen locks out after a few seconds of non-use preventing accidental presses. To get things running again you have to slide the side mounted lock button. You’ll either appreciate this or loathe it and I certainly found it more amenable than the more usual double front button press.

There is often a short wait while the phone works out what to do when you press a key. This seemed particularly long when running apps from the main menu and over time I found it somewhat frustrating.

Nokia hasn’t pushed the boat out on physical design. This is a fat phone at 15.5mm, but otherwise typical at 111mm tall, 51.7mm wide and 109g in weight. Its plastic casing feels a little low grade. The screen measures 3.2in diagonally and has a 640 x 360 pixel resolution. The accelerometer is one of the most responsive I’ve used and it works very well indeed.

The button arrangement is pretty standard. Beneath the screen are Call, End and Menu keys. Both the SIM and microSD card slots sit on the left edge of the casing under protective flaps. The phone comes with an 8GB card which boosts its somewhat paltry 81MB of internal memory.

The main screen looks a little different to the usual Nokia S60 style, offering large fingertouch buttons for shortcuts to applications, but the design is recognisably S60 and shouldn’t put off upgrading users.

Above the screen an XpressMusic touch-button brings up a ‘media bar’ offering instant access to music, the picture gallery, online sharing, the video centre and web browser. It felt a bit pointless, to be frank, as all it does is double-up on functions available from the main menu. The phone supports the Nokia Music Store with its unlimited music downloads lure.

There are stereo speakers on board that turn out a reasonable volume and quality of music and the (sensibly) top-mounted 3.5mm headset jack is welcome. The phone supports TV-out via the 3.5mm connector, too, and you get the necessary cable.

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