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All this might sound like a bit of a gimmick, but in fact I found it fairly comfortable to get on with in most cases. It is a lot easier to use than the multi-twisting Nokia N93 was. Some aspects of using the camera are problematic though – I’ll get to that shortly.

This phone’s 115g are no bother to carry around, though it is a bit large for the pocket at 108mm tall, 50.5mm wide and 17.3mm thick. The 128MB of internal memory is not particularly generous, but a 1GB microSD card is supplied to boost this. It lives in a housing behind a rubber cover on the right edge of the phone. This is also where the tiny mains adaptor jack fits in, and where the mini USB cable for PC connectivity plugs in. Yes you get a cable, and you also get PC Suite for PC data sharing.

Music output quality is thankfully good. The handset has stereo on-board speakers. One is fixed on the top left edge, the other is on the bottom edge and its outward direction depends on how you have swivelled the number pad section. They produce enough output to annoy commuters and provide fairly comfortable desktop listening.

Nokia bundles its HS-44, AD-44 two piece headset. The phone connector is a 2.5mm jack, and terminates in a chunky inline controller for music playback. Out of the controller comes a 3.5mm jack which you can use to attach the provided in-ear buds or your own headphones. This two-piece arrangement means you can use the built-in FM radio with your own earphones, as the antenna is in the phone-connecting part of the HS-44, AD-44 combi.

Battery life is the other important component of a music playing mobile and my own battery rundown test, asking the phone to play music non stop from a full charge resulted in just a few minutes over nine hours of solid music, which is right up there with the best performing S60 handsets I have tested.