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A major omission is the absence of Bluetooth. Infra red is here and, as there is no support for flash memory, this could be crucial for getting photos you shoot with the built-in camera off the device. The internal memory is limited to just 4.3MB which needs to house all your downloads as well as any photos you take.

The good news, if it can be so described, is that photos won’t take up much space. The camera’s maximum resolution is 640 x 480 pixels and it has one other shooting resolution – 80 x 96. Even shot at high quality, the setting I always use for our mobile phone reviews, image quality is not that hot.

The slowness of the screen to respond as I moved the handset around to frame shots was irritating, and the CSTN display is difficult to see in bright sunlight. There is a self-timer and night shooting mode but very little else by way of user control over images.

There is also no flash and using this camera is very much a case of point and click, and take a punt on what you’ll get. On the phone you can edit images by adding text, a frame, clip art, or a thumbnail of another image, and you can crop images.

My sample photos illustrate the camera’s limitations. The coloured dish, shot under normal household lighting, is fairly good, with reasonable colour reproduction. The flowers are not evenly exposed or in focus and thus the shot is disappointing. I rather like the cat photo but it’s not a representation of the real world. She was photographed with light streaming in from a window behind me as I took the photo and there was a room, not darkness, in the background.

I couldn’t assess battery life via my usual rundown test playing music, so I fully loaded the battery and then listened to the radio instead. It didn’t get me through a full working day and I imagine you’ll need to charge this phone daily.


The 5070 is a very basic mobile, though the FM radio is a welcome up-market feature. It mostly functions well enough, but the screen is a real let-down.

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