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There is no music player, but there is an FM radio. I can’t recall ever seeing another phone offering that combination – it is more usual to have a music player but no radio. The radio picks up a signal well enough and the phone’s volume is loud enough for plonking it on the desk when you want to listen.

The radio has 20 preset stations but you have to tune them manually as the phone can’t scan and save automatically. It doesn’t have RDS either – so you don’t know what station you are listening to until you are told by a programme presenter. At least when you save a station you can name it, but it would have been nice if Nokia had taken the pain out of this process by enabling RDS support and auto tuning.

As well as the loudspeaker you can play music through the provided headset. This is a fairly average one-piece affair and is needed even when you are using the loudspeaker as the FM antenna is in the headset. It uses Nokia’s Pop-Port connector.

You also need to use the Pop-Port if you want to connect to a computer. The 5070 can synchronise with a PC via the Nokia PC Suite software but you’ll need to download the software and buy a cable as neither are included in the box. The mains power cable is one of those annoying tiny-headed Nokia chargers. Oh for mini USB!

Both Web browsing and email are supported, though this is a tri-band GSM handset without 3G so both are relatively slow processes. Web browsing is limited to XHTML and WML sites, and the small screen turns everything into a rather unrewarding visual experience. If you want these feature, look for another mobile phone.

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