Nikon P7100 - Sample Images: ISO Performance



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At ISO 100 the P7100 produces sharp, clean images free from noise.

Raing sensitivity to ISO 200 poses no problems for the P7100.

Nikon P7100 200
At ISO 400 the P7100 is still producing noise-free images.

Nikon P7100 400
By ISO 800 there is a hint of softening as the camera’s built-in noise-reduction algorithms kick in.

Nikon P7100 800
By ISO 1600 fine detail has started to crumble, especially in the mid-tones and shadow areas. 

Nikon P7100 1600
ISO 3200 is both soft and noisy.

Nikon P7100 3200
Unless you’re shooting thumbnail-sized images for online use ISO 6400 is all but unusable.