Nikon Coolpix L11 - Nikon Coolpix L11


I was surprised to find that despite the obvious similarities between the L10 and L11, the latter has significantly better image quality. Whether the 6MP sensor simply suits the lens better, or some slight changes have been made to the lens for this model I do not know, but the L11 suffers from slightly less wide-angle barrel distortion, and the image is noticeably sharper right across the frame, with no trace of the slight chromatic aberration that I noticed on the L10.

Even more surprisingly, colour rendition and dynamic range also appear to be slightly better, and the exposure is also more consistently accurate, resulting in better shadow and highlight detail. The overall level of detail is also better, thanks to the higher sensor resolution. There’s a lot more difference between a 5MP and a 6MP sensor than there is between 7MP and 8MP. Because the ISO cannot be manually adjusted, my ISO tests were naturally a bit hit-or-miss, but the overall noise levels at the maximum of 800 ISO did not appear to be particularly bad, indeed not much worse than the L10 at its maximum of ISO 200.


In light of its superior picture quality and higher resolution, and the fact that it is available for about the same price, the Nikon Coolpix L11 is significantly better value for money than the L10. In fact I have seldom seen such excellent value. If you’re looking for a nice simple compact, maybe as a holiday camera or as a gift for a child, it is got to be at the top of your shortlist.