Nikon CoolPix 4800 - Test Shots Outdoor



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Each pair of test shots below is made up from a reduced size whole image, and a crop from the same image at full resolution.

”’Although the overall exposure is good, this ISO 200 shot displays a lot of image noise in the shadow areas.”’

”’The branches silhouetted against the sky show some purple fringing, but it is not as bad as in some cameras.”’

”’Even on this cloudy day, the CoolPix 4800 produces good colour balance, although lens distortion is visible in the top right corner.”’

”’If you look at the branches in the top right corner of this image, you’ll see that they are blurred by serious lens distortion.”’

”’The CoolPix 4800 makes a nice job of this shot, producing good colours even on a grey, cloudy day.”’