NEC MultiSync LCD225WXM - NEC MultiSync LCD225WXM



This was borne out in the DisplayMate tests, which revealed very average results in the grey scale tests, with it being very difficult to differentiate all the different levels right from grey to black. In the colour scaling tests, we found that the fading wasn’t smooth and even, and generally there was a reddish tinge to colours. However, the absence of serious banding was a plus.

If you did want to give your display a treat and take it out for some gaming between spreadsheets you’ll be satisfied if not blown away. Motion handling was smooth and fluid and gaming success in Counter-Strike was limited only by my severe lack of practice. Again the colours were notably muted, and shadows detail only adequate. If gaming’s your main bag there are better options out there, such as HP’s glossy coated w2207}

Overall, this is an inoffensive looking, if fairly basic display. It will serve perfectly well in an undemanding office environment if all you really want to do is give your Excel spreadsheets some extra room to the sides but it’s not really good enough, or cheap enough, to earn any more than an average score.


The NEC MultiSync LCD 225WXM keeps things simple with a conservative look, some basic height adjustment and built-in speakers. But image quality is merely good as opposed to excellent, which considering the price means that it can really be recommend over the rest of the 22in competition.

Score in detail

  • Image Quality 7
  • Value 6
  • Features 6

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