Navman Panoramic - Truck mode, in use and Verdict



None of this is particularly unique. However, the Panoramic does have one extra feature which befits its mammoth size. Included in the package is a one month trial of Truck Mode. This calculates routes that avoid small roads, and also other limitations which may be particular to your vehicle, such as bridges with a weight limit. You can enter details of the dimensions, weight, load, and vehicle type for your truck, and the route provided shouldn’t include any roads which will be unsuitable, although this feature isn’t available in every country. With so many stories of sat-navs stranding commercial vehicles down country lanes, Truck Mode will be very welcome if you drive a lorry for a living, and you can even specify whether you’re carrying hazardous materials. However, if you do want to make use of Truck Mode after the trial finishes, it will set you back a fairly hefty £69.99, although that is a one-off payment rather than a subscription.
Navman Panoramic
In use the Panoramic’s huge screen really comes into its own. You will not have any trouble seeing the map or directions, and the screen’s so large you can expand the drop down list in the top right corner permanently, so you can see all the details about your trip at the same time. Information includes distance and time to destination, current speed, estimated time of arrival and current time. TomTom’s IQ Routes has been licensed, so the ETA will be more accurate as it uses real historic traffic speed data rather than just a nominal road speed for calculation. The map itself is very clear indeed, with a bold sign showing you the current speed limit in the bottom left-hand corner and your next turn, although there’s so much space onscreen you could have had the next one after that listed as well without losing map visibility.


Amazingly, despite its humungous size, the Panoramic is already available online for £135. So, although its only significant unique feature other than the screen is the Truck Mode option, the Panoramic is incredible value, particularly when you take into account the fact that this is a European version with maps preinstalled for 44 countries, including some in Eastern Europe. So if you’re planning to take your recreational vehicle on a European trip, or drive a lorry on continental deliveries, this is a big-screen sat-nav for a small-screen price.

Score in detail

  • Battery Life 8
  • Value 10
  • Features 8
  • Performance 8
  • Design 8
  • Usability 9


Screen Size (inches) (Inch) 7in
Display Type Color
General Features Maps of 44 European countries; Cityseekr guides; Truck Mode trial

Physical Specifications

Live Services No
Battery life (Hour) 2hr
Height (Millimeter) 115mm
Width (Millimeter) 190mm
Depth (Millimeter) 16mm
Weight (Gram) 221g