Navigon 1210 Sat-Nav - Navigon 1210



Despite the overcrowded display, though, the navigational advice is clear and easy to follow. The verbal suggestions are timely, and the map updates quickly and without lag or glitches. The map itself is very readable at a quick glance, but isn’t as easy on the eye as Garmin’s or as ‘functional’ as TomTom’s. You have to delve into the menu to choose whether the estimated time of arrival or remaining time to destination are shown, where Navman allows you to choose from the map screen, but the default onscreen information tells you everything you need to know about your journey.

You also can’t add RDS-TMC traffic to this model at a later date, despite the icon being available in the options menu. For that, you will need to purchase the 2210, which officially costs £20 more than the 1210, although we have found it for scarcely a few quid extra with some vendors. This still isn’t a good deal, however, as unlike RDS-TMC implementations from other manufacturers, Navigon hasn’t automatically paid the one-off subscription to receive traffic updates. Since there are no free RDS-TMC providers in the UK, you will need to use the Navigon Fresh service to add a subscription – and this costs the princely sum of £40, which prevents the 2210 being such a bargain.

The Fresh online service itself seems a little pricey, too, when compared to the cost of the 1210. For £79.99 you get 24 months of map updates, which occur every three months. Unlike with the 7210, there is no money-off coupon in the box to sweeten the deal.


After the excitements of the latest premium sat-navs, in particular TomTom’s groundbreaking x40 LIVE range, the Navigon 1210 seems rather pedestrian. If you never plan to leave the UK, there are slightly better deals around, in particular Navman’s S30 3D. But if you do intend to make the occasional journey in Europe, the Navigon 1210 is cheap enough to buy just for a single continental trip. So it really is a bit of a bargain.

Score in detail

  • Value 10
  • Features 8
  • Design 7