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If you want an unlimited music streaming service that works on your phone, until now there was only one option: Spotify. However, Napster has finally got its act together and launched mobile clients for both iOS and Android devices. It’s obviously early days for the app and there are a few bugs here and there.


It tends to randomly freeze up every now and again, for example. It also lacks some features we’d like to see, such as an equalizer and support for landscape mode. However, it’s a good start and it’s nice to see a competitor to Spotify. However, it’s a tad disappointing that although the standard Napster subscription with support for multi-room streaming coasts a fiver, the subscription with phone support is the same price as Spotify at a tenner a month.


It’s early days and there are still some bugs that need ironing out, but Napster may offer some long term competition to Spotify.


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