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Delving into the T27004 for more features, the first significant thing to report is actually something we couldn’t find: a digital tuner. The T27004 is analogue only. Hardly surprising given the ridiculously low price tag, but we have to mention it nonetheless.

Elsewhere, though, there are actually rather more features to play with than you might expect. For instance, a ‘film’ mode designed to adjust the set’s progressive scanning when watching films as opposed to TV demonstrates a much more serious attention to picture detail than we’d have expected for £520. And an option for improving skin tones also reveals an admirable willingness to try to tackle at least one of LCD technology’s most common video-displaying problems.

Plus you get a system for souping up colour vibrancy, three separate backlight settings for adjusting the screen’s brightness/contrast balance, and even a suite of handy picture in picture tools. Believe us, we’ve seen plenty more expensive sets offer nothing like such a thoughtful selection of AV tools.

Even more surprisingly, the T27004’s specifications and features really do translate into pretty respectable pictures. Kicking off the unexpected quantities of good stuff are some winningly deep black levels that portray dark scenes with relatively little of the greying over problems usually associated with the budget end of the LCD market.

The T27004 also shames a far more expensive model or two with its handling of motion, as moving objects and camera pans throw up impressively little of the smearing problems associated with poor response times on cheap LCDs.

HD footage, meanwhile, shows that the T27004’s HD Ready status isn’t just for show, as the picture looks sharp, and packed with the sort of fine details that are HD’s trademark.

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