Loc8tor Plus - Loc8tor Plus



The alert system is particularly handy. If you’ve a habit of leaving your purse or wallet on restaurant tables, you can set the Loc8tor handset to start bleeping madly when you walk off and leave it behind (there’s even a vibrate mode too if you don’t like drawing attention to yourself in public places). If you attach one to a wandering child, you’ll be able to turn your back to grab items from shelves safe in the knowledge that you’ll be alerted if little Billy strays further than your set safety zone. When you’re out at the pub you could pop a tag in your bag and you’ll know the moment some toe rag tries to walk out with it.

You can also buy panic home tags – though these are an optional extra with the basic package – which, with the press of a button, activate the handset’s alarm, which is pretty loud, believe me.


The Loc8tor Plus is a bit over the top if all you want to do is find your keys from time to time, but if you’re into your gizmos and are always leaving your valuables behind when you go out, its alert facilities and ability to track down more than just one item make it a flexible and powerful tool.

But it does have a couple of fatal flaws. First, the locator handset, which you have to carry with you everywhere to use the alert facilities, could be smaller – it’s bigger than most mobile phones. And second it’s just too expensive. At £60 for the locator and two standard homing tags, and additional tags costing a whopping £25 each, even the most forgetful of gadget freaks is going to think twice before splashing the cash.