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The Prada II is a quad-band GSM handset with HSDPA right up to 7.2Mbps, beating the original Prada’s tri-band GSM capability. There’s also a front camera for two way-video calling. It is nice to have Wi-Fi here, too, but GPS is a sad omission in what is, after all, a pretty expensive handset.

The camera is a 5-megapixel Schneider Kreuznach offering with a flash, autofocus and macro mode as well as a panorama mode among its specifications. It also manages 720 x 480 pixels video capture.

The coloured dish, photographed indoors under normal household lights is as good as I could have expected from a camera of this type. Ditto the chair, which is crisp and sharp. Best of all, though, the macro mode produced very sharp shots. The crocuses are a good example and their colour reproduction is great too.

Other applications on this phone not already mentioned include Muvee Studio for a bit of editing of your images, a couple of fairly uninspiring games that support the accelerometer, alarms, to do list manager, memo maker, voice recorder, calculator, converter and stopwatch.

LG says you’ll get three hours of talk time from the battery, 400 hours on standby. I found with both Wi-Fi and music use I needed to boost the battery every two days.


If you can find this phone on a contract that appeals to you then what it offers may justify the outlay. But overall it doesn’t seem to be doing enough to justify a price of more than £400 SIM-free. The touchphone market is cut and thrust at the moment, and while I like it, the Prada II doesn’t have enough that is special to really draw the eye.

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