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The LG KC780 isn’t a phone with vast memory stores with its 140MB of internal memory available for music and other files. However, microSD card slot on the right side of the casing lets you add more, and there is an FM radio to augment the audio fun. There’s no specific support for podcasts and the headset connection is proprietary, with a one-piece headset and those in-ear buds that simply won’t stay in my ears. This phone is a bit of a no-no for hardened music fans, then.

LG’s M-Toy makes a repeat appearance here. The phone uses its accelerometer to assist with some gaming features. You can play darts, go fishing, play baseball and get a ball round a maze for example. But the accelerometer isn’t activated in all apps, and most irritatingly it doesn’t function in the rather lacklustre and disappointing web browser. Then again, you won’t be browsing very often as this phone is tri-band GSM but lacks 3G, making browsing speeds on the slow side.

Other applications include Calendar, memo maker, voice recorder, Muvee Studio (for making photo slideshows with music), alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch, unit converter, and TV-out. You don’t get cables for the latter. There is also a document view for common document formats, though the screen is a bit small for any kind of serious use of this feature, plus you can use the phone as a webcam via Bluetooth.

LG rates the battery as good for 250 hours of standby time, 3 hours of talk. Without Wi-Fi or 3G to challenge the battery, I managed a three day stint between charges.


The KC780’s camera might shoot at 8-megapixels, and do so quite well, but it is not without its shortcomings, and the remaining features of this phone are somewhat limited and squarely rooted in the mid-range sector.