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  • Review Price: £299.99

Being a fairly powerful mobile phone platform, Google’s Android is generally seen on high-end smartphones like the HTC Hero, Samsung Galaxy, and Motorola Milestone (though we have seen a few low cost variations along the way). It’s thus a bit of a surprise that LG has chosen to use a relatively low cost device for its first foray into the Android market. Thankfully this hasn’t resulted in too many compromises and this is still a very desirable handset.

Foremost among this phone’s standout features is its slideout keyboard that is one of the best we’ve ever used. It incorporates five lines of large spacious keys, meaning all letters and numbers, as well as some additional functions like directional keys and quick search, can be accessed without needing to go to secondary functions. This is a very rare feature even on the most expensive handsets, so to find it on an apparently low-end device is quite incredible. Neither is the keyboard let down by its action which, though shallow, has a discernible break making it easy to tell when you’ve hit a key.

Another feature we’re very glad to see is a proper headphone jack on the top of the phone. This makes it easy to substitute your own choice of headphones for the ones provided, although these are better than some of the bundled efforts you get, thanks to reasonable external noise reduction and decent bass reproduction. That said, you could still find far better third party headphones for around £30. To accompany this there’s a quick launch button on the right edge of the phone for going straight to the music player. Internal storage is just 150MB so you’re somewhat limited as to what/how many apps you can install but a microSD slot also on the right edge means its easy to add lots of multimedia to the phone and do file transfers.

Also residing on the right edge is the camera button while the top is home to the combined power and screen-lock button. On the left is a microUSB socket, which is used for charging the phone as well as doing data transfers, and the volume rocker.

The button arrangement on the front is slightly odd as the Home and Back buttons are touch sensitive. Not only does this seem a bit pointless but the central selection button isn’t touch-sensitive making for an inconsistent feel when interacting with the phone. For the most part though, the GW620 feels nice to use with all its buttons falling within easy reach and being logically placed.

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