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In action the BD670 works smoothly. We had no trouble streaming MP3s and WMA files over our ‘n’ Wi-Fi network, plus video streaming is remarkably robust whether you’re watching Smart TV content or your own files. Oddly, BBC iPlayer suffers from judder, but there are no buffering breaks at all.
LG BD670

Day-to-day operation is also slick. The Home menu is your jump-off point for any function, a gorgeous-looking screen with cartoony graphics painted in funky colours. It can be summoned by a single press of the easy-to-spot Home key on the remote. It features a row of icons covering the main content areas, with the Music, Photo and Music buttons whisking you straight to the list of networked devices. Select the relevant one and your content is displayed in a clear, well-organised list.

The Premium option brings up an Android-like grid of Smart TV apps – with a bizarre but attractive picture of a street in the background – while the LG Apps interface cleverly makes it look like the icons are items on shelves in a shop. Smart indeed.

LG BD670

LG BD670

Setting up the player for wired or wireless network use couldn’t be simpler. Dialogue boxes take you through the process in plain English and the access point search is quick. Entering your password using the remote is as cumbersome as ever but overall it doesn’t take long to get online. The other essential tweaks are located in the setup menu, which boasts minimal submenus and a responsive cursor.

LG BD670

This level of simplicity continues with the remote, which isn’t overly cluttered and uses large lettering to help you find keys quickly. The playback buttons are segregated by colour and are placed on a bump, which is ergonomically satisfying, while the direction pad and corresponding keys are placed within easy reach of the thumb. All in all, this is a terrific zapper.

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