LG BD370 Blu-ray Player - LG BD370 Blu-ray Player



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On the audio side, the player’s decoding capabilities are similar to the BD300 – you can feed raw Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby Digital Plus bitstreams to an AV receiver over HDMI, or convert them to multichannel PCM if your receiver lacks the relevant decoding.

Those of you without HDMI-equipped receivers will have to make do with plain old Dolby Digital or DTS from the optical/coaxial digital outputs, as there are no multichannel analogue outputs. But if you want to listen to BonusView audio from any of the digital audio outputs, the LG can also re-encode the primary and secondary audio tracks into a DTS bitstream.

As for sound quality, the LG does a fine job at transferring HD audio bitstreams and converts to PCM without compromising the dynamism of the original soundtrack. ”Spider-Man 3” sounds clean and open, with forthright dialogue and expansive rear effects, plus the big set pieces are breathtaking.

CD playback is fine for everyday use on undemanding systems, and when playing back MP3/WMA files the sound quality is crisp and full bodied. Not only that, but the onscreen menus are also superb, showing the artist, title and bitrate of each track, alongside a superficial-but-snazzy graphic equaliser.

All of the BD370’s options can be access from its wonderful user interface. When you hit the Home button on the remote, you’re presented with a gorgeous main menu, decked out in a bright, vibrant background ‘skin’ that can be changed in the setup menu. In the foreground the different types of media available (Movie, YouTube, Photo and Music) are presented with eye-catching icons. It’s so smooth and slick that you wonder why all Blu-ray manufacturers don’t put this much effort into their GUIs.

The remote is a bit cluttered and most of the buttons are too small for comfort, but once you’ve got used to this it’s generally easy to use. There are buttons covering most of the main functions, allowing you to directly change the output resolution, access the pop-up menu or turn PIP video and audio on and off.