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So far, it’s fair to say that the 37LH7000 has delivered considerably more features and design elegance than your typical sub-£700 37in LCD TV. And I’m pleased to report that this ‘great value’ theme continues with its picture performance.

For instance, it’s immediately noticeable, even after some merely low-level image calibration (the TV’s own Picture Wizard should be enough), that the 37LH7000’s TruMotion 100Hz engine is on impressively effective form. Objects glide across the screen with great fluidity, and don’t look soft or blurred as they go. The TV’s motion engine even coped with the considerable challenge of an HD Premiership football match, portraying numbers on shirts and the looks of desolation on the Arsenal players’ faces with absolute precision – no matter how much they charged around like headless chickens – during their mauling at the hands of Chelsea over the weekend.

Similarly impressive clarity is retained during action scenes in movies too, whether the motion involves an object within the frame, or a horizontal camera pan. What’s more, the 100Hz engine does its thing – even with 24p Blu-rays – while generating only the occasional side effect (more on these later), provided you don’t set the feature any higher than its ‘Low’ level within the Advanced Control onscreen menus.

I’ve read one or two reviews elsewhere of LH7000 TVs suggesting that their pictures with HD and standard def alike are a bit soft. But to me that seems a rather one-dimensional view. For while I guess there are other Full HD LCD TVs out there that do a more aggressive job of ‘bringing out’ classic HD stalwarts like pore detail and ripples on the surface of the sea, for me the relative clarity the 37LH7000 retains with motion more than compensates for a marginal loss of crispness with static images. After all, unless you’re going through a slideshow of digital photos, there’s a pretty good chance that what you’re watching will have at least a bit of motion in it, right?!

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