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Now that green issues are so high on the buying public’s agenda, it’s nice to find a bright green Energy Saving button stuck at the top left side of the 37LH7000’s remote control. Pressing this immediately calls up the option to set the TV into Minimum, Medium, Maximum, or Auto ‘eco’ modes, all of which reduce the TV’s backlight output (and thus the picture’s brightness) to a greater or lesser extent. The Auto setting adjusts the backlight output in response to the amount of light the TV detects in your viewing room. The Energy Saving menu even carries an option to turn the screen off completely if you can manage with audio alone.

If you’re more concerned with getting a perfect picture than you are with saving the planet, the 37LH7000 has an impressive suite of picture adjustments to help you out. In fact, the TV even provides a genuinely useful ‘Picture Wizard’, which comprises a series of test signals and advice on how to adjust various aspects of the picture until things are much improved.

Within Expert/Advanced Control menus, meanwhile, you can also adjust this little lot: the level of dynamic contrast processing the TV applies; the level of noise reduction; the picture’s gamma level; the level of black level enhancement; whether or not you want the set’s Real Cinema processing on; the operating power of the TruMotion 100Hz engine; whether or not you want to use a wide or standard colour gamut; and whether or not you want to use an edge enhancement system.

Perhaps most impressive of all, you can tweak the set’s white balance using contrast and brightness adjustments for the red, green and blue colour elements, while a separate Colour Management System allows you to tinker with the colour and tint settings for the red, green, blue, yellow, cyan and magenta image elements.

Thanks to this truly exceptional degree of image flexibility, the 37LH7000 has been approved by the Imaging Science Foundation as a TV that can be professionally calibrated by one of its trained experts. To support this, the TV’s picture preset menu includes two ISF Expert modes for a professional calibrator to use.

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