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  • Review Price: £698.05

LG really set tongues wagging in 2008 when it launched – at London Fashion week, no less – its Scarlet TVs. With red inflections on the fascia and vibrant red, high gloss rear panels, it’s fair to say that the Scarlet sets weren’t exactly subtle. And as such, they seemed to rather polarize the aesthetic sensibilities of the buying public.

It doesn’t come as too much of a shock, therefore, to find the ‘sequel’ to the Scarlet sets looking considerably more discreet. The 37LH7000’s rouge touches are restricted to a circle of red around the circular power button when the TV is in standby, and a gentle infusion of the scarlet stuff within a translucent, gently arced strip running along the TV’s bottom edge.

Otherwise the fascia is boldly, resolutely black. Albeit an extremely high-gloss black given extra drama by the unusual and stylish expanse of smooth black that stretches down below the screen. The biggest change, though, is saved for the 37LH7000’s rear. For the glossy red finish of the Scarlet TVs’ bottoms is here replaced by a much less controversial gloss black, to match the TV’s bezel.

The 37LH7000’s rear end isn’t wholly without interest, though. For starters, it’s unusually slim; just a touch over 50mm (though not as slim, oddly, as the 39mm depth of the 42in 42LH7000). And it’s likeably well stocked with connections too, including four HDMIs, a USB port, and a PC jack.

The USB is especially noteworthy, because as well as the JPEG and MP3 files we might have expected it to support, it also plays back DivX HD file formats. Anyone into filming HD video or downloading compressed HD files will really love this feature – especially as DivX HD playback is very smooth and accomplished.

The 37LH7000 also stands out from the crowd by supporting wireless Bluetooth connectivity, for downloading music and photos from Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, or listening to the TV’s audio via a Bluetooth set of headphones. The only slight disappointment about the 37LH7000’s connections, given that it’s one of LG’s most premium models, is that there’s no Ethernet port with which you might enjoy either some online functionality, or file streaming from a PC.

Other specs of the TV are promising. It’s a Full HD model, as we’d expect of a 37in set sitting high up LG’s current range. Plus it’s got TruMotion 100Hz processing, for doubling the PAL frame rate and adding completely new frames of image data designed to smooth out motion; and a high claimed dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1.

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