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Key among the features the 32LX2R does deliver is HD Ready specification. This honour is earned by a sufficiently high native pixel resolution of 1,366 x 768, the HD-capable connectivity we’ve already mentioned, and the facility to handle the required 720p and 1080i HD formats. In keeping with the vast majority of current TVs, though, the 32LX2R won’t play the upcoming high-end 1080p format.

The LG’s next big feature is its XD Engine picture processing. This proprietary LG system is designed to improve the appearance of no less than six key picture areas: colour saturations and tone, contrast, colour blending, clarity, brightness and motion.

The 32LX2R also carries the acclaimed DCDi scaling system from Faroudja, which is intended to make the image sharper and get rid of the jagged look you can sometimes see round curved edges. Plus there’s a healthy suite of picture in picture capabilities.

If you’re feeling fairly confident in your AV capabilities, meanwhile, the 32LX2R has more user-adjustable image tweaks at your disposal than usual. Particularly interesting are MPEG noise reduction (for tackling the blockiness of some DVDs and digital broadcasts); individual fleshtone, greentone and bluetone adjustments; an optional digital comb filter; and separate adjustments for the red, green and blue image components. More than enough to keep you entertained on a wet Sunday afternoon, we think you’ll agree. But will the 32LX2R’s picture quality keep you entertained as well?

Overall yes, it will – though with some caveats. Starting with the set’s positive points, its colour response serves up some exceptionally rich tones combined with a surprisingly (given the high level of vibrancy) natural tone. Also impressive is the 32LX2R’s handling of motion, as fast-moving objects appear largely free of the smearing problems still associated with many LCD TVs. Just the job when you’re trying to stay on the road in Burnout Revenge…

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