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Inside this machine lives a 1.73GHz Pentium M processor, running on the 915 chipset. Graphics are onboard and eat in to the system memory. There is only a single 512MB module of DDR-II memory, so the system is only running in single channel memory mode. On Pentium systems this can lower performance considerably. Adding another 512MB of memory would increase performance by not only running in dual channel mode, but also by having twice the memory complement.

There is only a 40GB hard drive, which is probably fine as long as you have a network server to save data to, or another machine. As well as the 10/100Mbit LAN, there is a 56k modem, 11Mbit and 54Mbit wireless as well as Bluetooth.

One aspect of the ThinkPad that has found its way on to this notebook is the Lenovo care button. One press of this during boot and you get acces to the ThinkVantage suite where you can restore system backups or completely restore your system to the factory default. This takes a fair amount of time as it does it in a rather lengthy manner but it does get the job done. You can also access most of these features from inside Windows where you can perform system backups and restore applications.

Instead of using the traditional IBM TrackPoint, or nipple as many people refer to them, Lenovo has stuck with a Synaptics Touchpad. This helps differentiate the two brands.

The software installed is fairly comprehensive, including Diskeeper Lite, InterVideo DVD, Norton Internet Security, PC-Doctor, Picas 2 and Roxio Digital Media LE, all on a Windows XP Home installation. Notably lacking is the inclusion of any office applications such as Microsoft Works. A quick jump to OpenOffice.org would soon solve this problem though.

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