Kodak EasyShare Z1012 IS - Test Shots – Exposure Evaluation



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”Here are some general test shots to help evaluate the camera’s overall image quality, including the zoom range of the lens. Some pictures may be clicked to download the full size original image. ”


The wide end of the zoom range is equivalent to 33mm, but this shot is under-exposed by around three stops.


The telephoto end is equivalent to 396mm. The exposure is better, but chromatic aberration is plainly visible.


The highlights of this high-contrast shot have been completely burned out.


The reds in this shot are over-saturated and contain little detail.


Score in detail

  • Value 6
  • Image Quality 5
  • Build Quality 8


Camera type Super Zoom
Megapixels (Megapixel) 10.1 Megapixel
Optical Zoom (Times) 12x

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