Kodak EasyShare V610 - Kodak EasyShare V610


Under the Scene menu you can select two panoramic modes – either from left to right or right to left – and then take up to three images that the camera will then stitch together itself, with no need for any PC intervention. After taking the first shot, the camera gives you a small section of the previous photo so that you can line up the next one – even if you have shaky hands, the V610 does a very good job of working out exactly where the two images should be joined. The panoramic shots do look great and I couldn’t find a single person that wasn’t impressed with the results. It’s worth noting that the resolution drops down to 3.1-megapixel for the panoramic shots, but that doesn’t detract from the effect.

The V610’s final party trick is integrated Bluetooth. If you press the Share button you have the option of sending an image to another device via Bluetooth. This works really well and you even get the option of choosing what resolution you want to send the image over as – if you’re sending to a mobile phone for use as wallpaper or to import to an MMS, you can send the image over at QVGA resolution. You can also choose to send the image over at XGA or at the full resolution.

The great thing about the integrated Bluetooth is that it makes it easier than ever to share your photos with friends. Let’s say that you take the V610 with you for a night out and you take a bunch of pictures; at the end of the evening you could send those pictures to your friends’ mobile phones, thus letting everyone involved enjoy the photos.

There’s 32MB of memory built into the V610, which can obviously be augmented by an SD card. You can set the camera to default to the memory card, but having built in memory is handy on those occasions when you leave your SD card in your PC card reader. With the V610 you can shoot decent quality video in MPEG 4 format in 640 x 480 resolution at 30fps. You can shoot for up to 80 minutes assuming that you have a large enough memory card installed, and given the bargain price of memory cards these days you should be able to create some decent length movies. Also, unlike many other cameras, you can use the full zoom focal length while shooting video.