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The HD750’s black levels are also, remarkably, even more profound than those of the HD350. Indeed, if you’re not careful with your settings you can actually make them look slightly too dark, to the point where the shadow details that give dark scenes depth start to disappear. But the HD750 should not be blamed, of course, for calibration cock-ups! Get the settings right and the reality is that the HD750’s black levels are arguably the deepest, most natural and most inherently stable I’ve ever seen.

This fact also helps the HD750’s pictures look slightly richer and more solid than those of the HD350, making the worlds of the films you watch feel that bit more tangible and engrossing.

All this and we haven’t even touched on another key strength of D-ILA technology carried over by the HD750: sharpness. D-ILA chips cram their 1,920 x 1,080 pixels into a phenomenally small area, allowing the picture to look both stunningly detailed and crisp, but also completely free of obvious pixel grid artefacts. Even better, the D-ILA system responds fast enough to reproduce motion without significant judder or blur, while pictures seem completely free of any technical artefacts like DLP’s rainbow effect and dotty skin tones.

Yet more good news concerns the HD750’s brightness. For while I’d never recommend that you do it, I found its pictures much more watchable in ambient light than those of the previous D-ILA Wire Grid models. Pictures looked more dynamic and vibrant on my 110in screen than previous models too, and standard definition pictures upscale to the projector’s 1080p resolution very nicely thanks to the projector’s onboard HQV Reon-VX video processing.

One final bit of good news, not connected to the projector’s stunning picture quality, is how quietly it runs. Even sat within a couple of feet of it, it failed to disturb me during even the quietest bits of my test material.


While the HD350 probably represents the best value model in JVC’s new range, if you take your home cinema seriously and have the necessary extra readies, the HD750 is the definitive D-ILA projector to date. And the best performer I’ve seen outside of the megabucks three-chip DLP world.

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