Jabra Stone Bluetooth Headset



Key Features

  • Review Price: £69.99

Jabra is rather cheesily calling this headset an ‘earvolution’ because it believes it represents a completely new design approach to the humble Bluetooth headset. Certainly, there’s room for innovation when it comes to headset design, as even the latest models look pretty similar to the first Bluetooth headsets that appeared on the market all those years ago. The Stone tries to be different by doing away with the mic boom that is such an integral part of most of its rivals, but can a headset without a boom really deliver decent call quality?

The Stone definitely looks unusual, but thankfully not in a displeasing way. The wider part is made from hard plastic and houses both the mic and the earpiece. Cleverly, Jabra has managed to seamlessly join this to the softer more malleable ear hook with the result that the whole piece looks rather like an oversize apostrophe. This design coupled with the fact that the headset is so light at just 7g makes it comfortable to wear even for long periods.

But it’s not just the shape of the headset that’s unusual; it’s also different in that it’s supplied with a separate charging dock that has its own built-in battery. This is where the headset gets its name from as when it clips into the centre of this dock, the two combined look somewhat like a polished onyx stone. The headset itself has no charging port so the only way to charge it is by having this charging dock to hand. It has a standard micro-USB port and comes with a wall charger. However, the wall chargers lead is ridiculously short, measuring a mere 14cm long, so you pretty much have to just dangle the dock from it when it’s plugged in to a normal height wall socket, which looks rather inelegant.

The Stone and its charging dock are interdependent as the headset’s tiny battery is only good for two hours of talk time. This is why the charging dock has it own internal battery so you can use it to recharge the Stone up to three times during the day. In our opinion this is a compromise too far, as we don’t like the way you have to carry two different units around with you during the day, despite the fact that the charging dock is rather small