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Another terrific strength of the IN76 is its black level response. If anything, that 3,000:1 quoted contrast ratio seems pessimistic, as the IN76 effortlessly delivers levels of pure, cinematic blackness while exploring the darkest corners of the Xbox 360’s Bioshock that simply have no right belonging on such a cheap machine. There’s even a fair level of shadow detail to be seen in dark areas, rather than the hollow appearance we’d usually expect to find for this money.

Black levels as good as these generally go hand-in-hand with some pretty tasty colour extension and here, again, the projector doesn’t let us down. The richness of saturations on show while watching all the computer-generated finery of Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith, especially on lava planet Mustafa, truly outshines anything else at this price level, at least in the DLP arena. And as for tones, these are generally natural and engaging.

Wrapping up a pretty much flawless picture effort is the IN76’s impressive flair for fine details. It presents in abundance all the gorgeous texturing and detailing of the Casino Royale Blu-ray disc without over-stressing them to the point where the picture starts to look bitty, as can happen with less astute projectors.


After all our enthusiastic words it’s probably worth pointing out that while amazing for its price, the IN76 can certainly be bettered in every department by much more expensive projectors. InFocus’s own IN78, for instance, produces even better black levels and richer colours, but it will set you back an extra £400-£500.

But this is, of course, no more than you’d expect. All that really matters about the IN76 is that it doesn’t just outperform every rival in its own price bracket; it completely outclasses them.

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