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It can work more easily in a weird-shaped room than many rivals too, thanks to a combination of some impressive keystone adjustment flexibility (for correcting the image’s edges so that they don’t appear at an angle), and its positioning on an innovative ball and socket foot system that allows you to tilt and turn the main projector to almost any angle you choose.

Further set up options in the projector’s menu screens are extensive and genuinely helpful. For instance, while the projector actually ships with the 65k colour temperature factory calibrated to deliver the best colour tone results, you can also adjust the colour tone yourself to an almost infinite degree.

The onscreen menus also offer, among other things, a series of gamma presets, skin tone correction, noise reduction routines, and a white peaking adjustment. Just as well, then, that InFocus has thoughtfully given you three user presets to store your preferred settings in the IN76’s internal memory.

Don’t think, though, that all these features mean that this projector is complicated to use. In fact, the combination of its simple but effective (and backlit) remote and sensible onscreen menus structure means you’ll have it running in under five minutes, and should never find day-to-day use a chore.

So far we’ve found precious little about the IN76 that might hint at why exactly it’s available so cheaply. And we’re mighty chuffed to report that this experience continues with its picture performance, as it easily outperforms the usual budget standards in almost every department.

If we had to choose one aspect of its pictures that particularly stands out from the budget crowd, it would be their almost complete freedom from noise. Common DLP artefacts such as fizzing in dark areas and dot crawl over horizontal motion are almost completely absent, as are more general types of noise like grain and colour fuzzing.

On a similar note, although it’s not completely absent, we are also impressed by how little the IN76 suffers with DLP’s rainbow effect, whereby you can see stripes of bright colour flitting around in your peripheral vision or over particularly bright image elements.

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