Fujitsu P63XHA40 63in plasma TV - Fujitsu P63XHA40



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While this Fujitsu may not have much time for standard definition connections, however, it’s far keener on its high definition connectivity, with one HDMI and two component video inputs on hand for your HD sources. PC users who fancy World of Warcraft on a 63in screen, meanwhile, will be pleased to spot a D-Sub PC jack, too.

As you’d expect of such a plasma giant, the P63XHA40 is fully HD Ready, with the HD connections we mentioned a moment ago being joined by a sufficiently high native resolution of 1,366 x 768. We have to admit that we’d half hoped for a native 1,920 x 1,080 resolution from such an epic screen – but that would probably have doubled the price tag, so we guess we’ll let it slide.

The next significant feature of the P63XHA40 is its AVMII picture processing. This plays host to a whole host of separate picture tweaks, including MPEG noise reduction (for reducing the blockiness sometimes seen from DVDs and digital broadcasts); edge ghosting noise reduction; mosquito noise reduction for suppressing the pixel noise that can occur around digital edges; reducing of the jaggedness that can affect contoured edges; and a motion enhancer for making movement in a picture look clearer and smoother.

The final trick of the P63XHA40 worthy of note is a ‘white-screen’ measure for tackling screen burn. Screen burn, in case you’re not familiar with it, can occur in plasma TVs if you leave a bright picture feature, such as a channel logo, onscreen for too long. The pixels in the bright area get ‘tired’ by their extended exposure, leaving a faint shadow of the bright picture feature permanently etched into the screen. Fujitsu’s white screen feature combats this issue by flooding the screen with pure white, to re-equalise the pixel exposure across the screen.