Fujifilm FinePix S9600 - Test Shots – Exposure Evaluation



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This page consists of resized images so that you can evaluate the overall exposure.


The AF system has been tweaked to make it much quicker. Even at full zoom it had no problem snapping a moving subject. Does anyone know what those knobbly bits are on the top of swans’ beaks?


As with most Fujifilm cameras, colour rendition and exposure are superb.


Shooting a white swan against the bright reflections on the water is an exposure nightmare, but the S9600 has taken it in its stride.


With a wide-angle end equivalent to 28mm, the S9600 is ideal for capturing all the crap that the looters left on the beach after the Napoli ran aground. I hope the company that owns the ship is going to clear it up, rather than it coming out of my council tax.


Shot from the same spot as the picture above, on the cliffs near Branscombe, this shows the power of the 300mm-equivalent telephoto end of the zoom range.


Score in detail

  • Value 10
  • Image Quality 10


Camera type Digital SLR
Megapixels (Megapixel) 9 Megapixel
Optical Zoom (Times) By lensx