Evesham Technology SilverEDGE 200NHR



Key Features

  • Review Price: £1114.90

Evesham Technology has always had a strong reputation for delivering a fine range of consumer PCs but this also extends to its business products and in particular its servers. The SilverEDGE 200NHR is one of the latest to join Evesham’s SilverEDGE rack server family and as always the company has a keen eye on the budget conscious SMB (small to medium business) market. The 200NHR is essentially a low-profile multi-purpose rack server as it is aimed at a range of functions such as firewall, VPN or web application duties or maybe as a domain controller or even a print server in larger businesses.

For these lighter duties you don’t need dual Xeons or Opterons so costs can be reduced by utilizing either a Pentium 4 or Pentium D processor. The 200NHR is offered in either variant with the review system coming equipped with a decent 2.8GHz Intel Pentium D 820 dual-core module. Along with this you get a speedy 1GB of PC-5400 memory which can be upgraded to 8GB. Evesham has traditionally used only Supermicro or Intel platforms for its servers and in this case the latter is running the entire show as the 200NHR comprises its SR1475NH1 rack server platform. The package is made up of Intel’s SR1400 rack chassis and its Entry Server Board SE7230NH1-E.

The chassis is built well enough although care should be taken when installing it in a rack as it does exhibit some flexing if not supported properly. The front panel has room for up to three hard disks and a simple low-profile DVD-ROM drive has been squeezed in above them. The small panel to the right has a bunch of LEDs for power, network and hard disk status and a USB port which will come in handy as the server has no room for a floppy drive.

For storage although SCSI is supported with the appropriate Intel motherboard Evesham only offers this product fitted with Serial ATA (SATA) drives. However, for the target range of applications SCSI would just be a waste of money as SATA easily has enough performance and capacity to satisfy these demands. The system came supplied with a pair of 160GB Western Digital WD1600SD drives which we felt was a bit stingy considering the price and would have expect 250GB drives at least.

Hot swap is not an option as the drives are wired directly through to the SATA interfaces on the motherboard. However, the caddies are easily removed by depressing a lever at the back and sliding out them out through the front. To add a third hard disk you just need to whip out the blanking plate and pop the drive in the caddy and Evesham has ensured that a spare SATA power connector is provided for this.

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