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The interior of the system is generally well organised. It not exhaustively finished like an Alienware, but all the cables are run efficiently and tied back wherever possible. There’s certainly no shortage of fans to cool the interior. As well as the one on the front and at the top, there’s an 80mm fan at the rear, and two built into a clip on at the side, which probably aren’t necessary. In fact, there are a total of ten fans cooling this system, if you include the ones on the graphics cards the one of the motherboard Northbridge chip and the one in the PSU. With that in mind, it’s impressive that the system isn’t irritatingly loud, mainly thanks to Evesham’s choice of low noise fans.

The PC was sent to us as a complete system, including a monitor. The display supplied was a Viewsonic VX20205wm, which we reviewed here. The display is smart, with a decent stand and it tilts forward and back. There’s also a neat cable management system at the back. It can accept DVI and VGA signals and has an input for the built in speakers. The image quality was impressive, with bright and sharp text. It decent for games with a 16ms response time (white to white). The widescreen 1,680 x 1,024 resolution is pleasant to work with and the physical size of the monitor means it won’t take up too much space on your desk.

The speakers supplied are a set of Creative Inspire T7900s. This is a 7.1 set that looks good in the black. 7.1 is really overkill for all but the largest rooms, and for these the Creative’s won’t really cut it. However, for general gaming and movie watching these will still serve.

Finally, the Cordless Microsoft keyboard and mouse combination are solid, sturdy and well built, though gamers might prefer to go for a wired solution.

In terms of software Evesham now supplies the Windows Media Center Edition version of Windows XP as standard, which is no bad thing. However, if you do want to use it from the sofa you’ll need to get hold of a remote dongle and remote separately.

Performance on this machine was nothing less than fantastic and the new chip and memory seems to have made a tangible benefit. For comparison we used the numbers we got from the Alienware Aurora 7500, which featured an FX-60 and a pair of 7900 GTXs.

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