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  • Review Price: £2999.00

So, Evesham is at it again. No sooner is some new technology released, than we find an Evesham PC sitting on our doorstep, looking all hopeful and eager to please like a eager puppy. I guess that’s Evesham for you. It’s been at the cutting edge of technology for many years and I guess it just can’t help it. The result this time is the rather spacily named Evesham Axis Asteroid FX62, positively brimming with the latest technology. It will also cost you a wafer thin mint under £3,000, so this PC really ought to be quite special.

So what technological marvels does this PC contain? To get straight to the heart of it the new items are AMD’s new flagship processor – an Athlon FX-62 and some DDR2 memory to power it. This processor is based on a new socket called AM2, which is showcased by nVidia’s brand spanking new chipset, nForce5, which Spode covered here.

But before we go into those the first thing we should talk about is the system case, which was the subject of some discussion in the office. It’s clearly an off-the-shelf case that’s been customised by Evesham. The black on silver front is quite smart and is dominated by a large blue LCD display that’s set into the door. This contains readouts for fan speed and CPU, hard disk and system temperature as well as the date and time. If one of the system fans stop spinning it will even start beeping at you.

However, it’s actually very hard to make out anything on the display and when viewing it directly from the front it’s virtually impossible – you have to look at it at an angle.

Even so, its undeniably useful. However, useful is not the same as attractive. It’s clear that Evesham is trying hard to make an impression with this machine but my feeling, and one shared by the others in the office, is that it looks and feels cheap. And that isn’t really what you want from a £3,000 PC. Alienware PCs are also expensive, but at least they look it.

The front fascia sits in front of a cover for a second door, which has a more conventional and rather plastic case front.

Behind this you’ll find two optical drives in the two external 5.25in drive bays. One is a 16-speed Sony DVD-ROM drive (DDU1615) and the other a dual-layer DVD-burner, a Sony DW-G10A, that will even read and write to uncaddied DVD-RAM discs.