Epson AcuLaser M2000DN



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  • Review Price: £231.97

The laser printer business is a strange old world. There are plenty of printer makers and plenty of makers who reuse other makers’ print engines or sometimes whole machines, rebadged and with different firmware and print description languages. Under its skin, the AcuLaser M2000DN looks suspiciously like the Kyocera Mita FS-1350DN, reviewed a week or so back, so it’s interesting to compare the looks and performance of the two.

This is a square-cut laser printer, with just its vertical edges rounded off and coloured in cream and dark grey, with a light grey paper tray showing at the front. Up to 250 sheets can be loaded into the tray and there’s a pull-out, 50-sheet multi-purpose tray above, for special media. All print jobs feed to the top surface of the machine and there’s a fold-up paper stop, should you need it.

The control panel on the right-hand side of the printer’s top surface includes three buttons to print a status page, to cancel a print job and to switch the printer on and off-line, as well as six LEDs for various status conditions. These are not nearly as easy to interpret as having an LCD readout and there are several pages in the online manual indicating the different patterns of lights for each error condition.

The printer has both USB and Ethernet sockets at the back, so you can connect it as a single-person printer or network it around a small workgroup. There’s no wireless provision and you would have to use a third-party wireless print server if you need Wi-Fi. A secondary, 250-sheet paper tray and extra memory are both options, though there’s no mention of the tray on the Epson website.

Along with the machine’s driver, Epson provides genuine Adobe Postscript Level 3 as well as PCL 6 in emulation as print languages with the AcuLaser M2000DN and these are easy to install. The driver supports watermarks and overlays and up to four pages per sheet. It also handles automatic duplexing, which is standard on this model. Drivers are supplied for Windows and are available for Mac and possibly other operating systems, though neither the printer datasheet nor Epson’s site can confirm which.