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You also get a decent selection of extra software bits and bobs. In addition to Office Mobile, there’s a bunch of basic GPS tools, including a tool for texting your location to someone. There’s a task manager app so you can terminate unwanted programs, a remote desktop application for accessing your PC’s desktop, a slightly modified wireless connections manager and a speed dial utility, which is launched using one of the soft keys on the Today screen.

The latter is especially useful, and places the last few numbers you called on easily thumb-able screen buttons. It also has a brilliant index dial feature, which replaces the recent numbers with a finger-friendly A-Z keypad. Click a letter on this screen and all the contacts under that initial appear, each assigned to the afore-mentioned thumb-friendly buttons. Again it’s a vast improvement on Windows Mobile’s fiddly contacts list, which isn’t easy to use without a stylus or a finely honed fingernail.

But that’s not all. Via the launcher application I mentioned earlier, you also get a torch function, which uses the flash for the two megapixel camera to light your way, and access to a built-in FM tuner. Battery life is superb too. The X800 is rated at up to seven hours talk time and up to 150 hours standby and this translated into four or five days of occasional phone calls, access via the Wi-Fi adaptor and the odd session with the GPS receiver. Intensive use, music and Internet browsing will force this figure down, of course, but it’s still pretty impressive.

But there is one negative aspect to the X800, unfortunately. For, despite the fact that it boasts a seemingly quick 500MHz Samsung processor, it’s not the most responsive of smart phones I’ve ever used. Most of the time it’s fine, but occasionally I’d found it would slow down to a frustratingly slow crawl, taking ages to respond to a click and then catch up, which on a couple of occasions ended up in me calling someone on my contacts list when I hadn’t intended to.


Overall, the Glofiish X800 is a very capable phone. It is stuffed with features, has HSDPA, GPS and several genuinely useful interface tweaks. Battery life is excellent and the VGA screen is simply gorgeous.

If you’re in the market for a PDA phone at the end of the month when the X800 will be hitting the shelves it’s clearly an excellent choice and should come high up your shortlist. But that occasional sluggishness means that it’s not quite good enough for a Recommended award.

Score in detail

  • Usability 7
  • Value 7
  • Features 9

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