E-ten Glofiish X800 - Glofiish X800



There’s no hardware number pad, as with the Asus, nor is there any scroll wheel for nipping up and down lists of emails and contacts, but the controls have been thoughtfully laid out nonetheless. As with most other Windows Mobile smartphones, most of these are clustered below the 2.8in, 640 x 480 resolution screen which, by the way, is among the brightest, most vibrant I’ve ever seen on any phone. Flanking a clickable, four-way mini-joystick are two soft keys, pick-up and hang-up keys for the phone, plus a couple of shortcut keys which have been allocated initially to the GPS Viewer utility and Glofiish’s own quick launch panel. That’s not all, though – there are a couple of extras that are certainly worth having, in the shape of a Windows start menu button and an OK button, which can be used to close windows and dialogue boxes without having to resort to using the stylus.

Around the edges of the phone things are more prosaic. You get a volume rocker switch on the left, a camera button on the right and a mini-USB connection for syncing and charging is to be found on the bottom of the device, alongside the microphone, stylus stowage and microSD slot.

On the software front things look up again. Like HTC, E-ten has made a series of useful modifications and additions to the Windows Mobile interface. The main element of this is the X800’s HTC Touch-alike shortcut panel at the top of the main Today screen. Using this you can access favourite contacts quickly, a five-day weather forecast, complete with natty graphics (but no Michael Fish, sadly), a quick menu for recently used applications and the clock/alarm feature. It’s a big improvement over the standard Windows Mobile fare and makes it much easier to access common tasks quickly.

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