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As one would hope, the new OSD is more practical than was previously the case. All the usual adjustments are present, and in some areas Dell goes well beyond the call of duty. In the Custom Color preset mode (other modes include Standard, Multimedia, Game, Warm, Cool, Adobe RGB and sRGB), for example, you can adjust RGB in both Gain and Offset, and in Hue and Saturation you can adjust not just RGB, but CMY too! Sharpness is still adjusted in 10 per cent increments and menu rotation is still manual (where some high-end screens have a sensor that automatically adjusts this), but on the bright side DisplayPort has been added to the PIP (Picture In Picture) selection.
Dell UltraSharp U2410 cables

As with any monitor, the most important factor is of course image quality. Initial subjective impressions of this 1,920 x 1,200 pixel 24 incher were certainly good – in fact the U2410 provided far superior quality to Dell’s previous 2408WFP out of the box, as you would hope considering it uses a superior H-IPS panel rather than a PVA variant.

Good news continued with our image quality tests, as the U2410 happily chomped its way through greyscale and colour images, showing subtle distinctions and stark contrast differences with consummate ease – doubtlessly helped by its 12-bit colour processing. There was almost no sign of banding – the best performance we’ve seen since reviewing HP’s £2,000 professional DreamColor LP2480zx, no backlight bleed (though some slight backlighting inconsistency in two corners), excellent sharpness and not a hint of the aberrations we saw across tiny fonts on previous Dells.
Dell UltraSharp U2410 front angle

Viewing angles were also among the best we’ve seen. Though those on the (admittedly far cheaper) Samsung SyncMaster F2080 using a cPVA panel were decent, the U2410 is on a whole other level, with none of the contrast shift we noted there. Comparing apples to apples, this Dell is even slightly better than HP’s LP2475w, which also uses H-IPS and had delivered one of the most impressive performances we had previously come across for under £500.

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