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Cyberlords Arcology is set in the year 2173 – a time when mega-corporations control the world (and no, Google and Facebook don’t feature). Your job is to lead the resistance in its attempts to rid the world of the tyranny of its total surveillance culture by hacking into camera systems and computer terminals, taking over security robots and luring enemies into ambushes.

Cyberlords Arcology
The plot may sound very futuristic, but the game’s graphics owe more than a gentle nod and wink to classic titles that appeared on the Amiga and Atari ST back in the 1990s, but that’s no bad thing in our book. The gameplay isn’t all that original — essentially you’re just there to kill the bad guys — but the responsive controls and challenging combat will keep you coming back for more.


It doesn’t offer anything you haven’t seen before,

but with stylish retro graphics, synthy soundtrack and addictive gameplay,

Cyberlords definitely offers up lots of fun entertainment.

Cyberlords Arcology

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