Cut the Rope Android Game


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Dubbed by some the thinking person’s alternative to Angry Birds, each of Cut the Rope’s physics-based levels is a puzzle waiting to be unravelled, rather than a destruction zone in the waiting.

Your task is to guide a sweetie into the little monster Om Nom’s mouth. However, the sweet is held in suspension by ropes. Maybe he’s on a diet or something, eh?
Cut the Rope
Swipes across these ropes break them, but you can’t just flick away willy-nilly. If the sweet falls down through the screen, you fail the level, and both the ropes and the sweet are subject to real world-style physics. One wrong move could send Om Nom’s prospective treat into confectionary oblivion.  

Cut the Rope can’t be approached in the mindless way that some casual games invite, but it’s nevertheless the perfect partner to those quickie games sessions. If this game were free it’d have racked up millions and millions of downloads on Android – the Android app-buying crew may be a tight bunch, but this is one of the most convincing reasons to lay down 62p.


Not much has changed since the iOS edition, but that alone secures Cut the Rope’s position as one of the best Android games.


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