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Uploading was the only purpose of the previous version of Vado Central, but now a Create Movie option has been added, mirroring some of the capabilities already found in Flip’s built-in app. This allows you to select clips from your Vado HD, add an editing style from the 34 preset options, and apply a musical soundtrack. Only one music option is provided but you can import your own in WAV and MP3 format as accompaniment. The editing is automatic, performed according to the style you choose via the ubiquitous Muvee engine, with just a few parameters user-configurable.

You can choose the text and font for opening and closing titles, or use a picture for either instead. The movie duration can also be set, either according to the source media, to the music soundtrack length, or a custom time. The mix between music and existing audio can also be varied. However, only three videos can be mixed at once unless you upgrade to the Premium version, which costs $17.95.

There is also no software provided for the Mac, so in this case you would have to rely on iMovie, or another app you already have installed. However, the movies use an AVI container, rather than MP4 or MOV, so the Mac software must be able to recognise this PC-oriented format. If you want to use other software on the PC, we had no trouble importing the files into any app we tried. However, whilst Pinnacle Studio, CyberLink PowerDirector and Corel Video Studio edited the files with relative ease, Adobe apps didn’t recognise them correctly, only showing the first couple of frames.


The Internet camcorder has opened up a new market for those who can’t be bothered with configuring settings or editing, and want a device which will slip smoothly in a pocket. The Vado HD checks all these feature boxes well, and moves the bar up to meet the new HD options now available on YouTube. However, the £200 price is a little steep, when Kodak’s Zi6 is available for £115. Whilst this is a larger device, and you have to add your own memory cards, it still works out better value.

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