Creative Inspire S2 Wireless Speakers - Creative Inspire S2 Wireless Speakers



Turned all the way up, the subwoofer is too boomy for my tastes. All is not lost, though, because at more moderate levels it makes its presence well known without overwhelming the overall balance and injects a great punchiness to the soundstage. In fact, these speakers are great for watching movies or TV episodes – Doctor Who, in HD, from the BBC iPlayer, being a prime choice.

One possible benefit of using Bluetooth, rather than a simple 3.5mm aux cable, to connect your PC to the S2s is that your inevitably mediocre sound card output is bypassed. And if you have invested in a quality dedicated card and find yourself miffed by the idea of circumventing it, I’d remind you that these speakers only cost £99.99 and therefore you’re probably not their target market.

But I digress. The performance of the Inspire S2 Wireless speakers is equally pleasing when pumping music through them, be it from a computer or, in this case, an iPod touch. There’s surprisingly good detail reproduction from the small satellites, and more presence than you’d expect if judging by appearances alone – reminding us why we shouldn’t. It’s worth noting that even if your computer has Bluetooth built in, you should still use the dongle as not only does it make syncing a breeze (PIN? What PIN?) it also means the speakers will make use of the apt-X coded for streaming, which gives better audio quality than vanilla A2DP.

I’m not going to suggest that these sound better than the cheaper Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II, but those don’t offer wireless connectivity so the comparison isn’t particularly fair either way.


You need to be sure that you want Bluetooth functionality to make the Inspire S2 Wireless speakers worth the £30 premium over their non-wireless alternatives. If you do, then you’ll find no disappointments in the Creative Inspire S2 Wireless speakers.

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  • Value 8