Creative HS-1200 Digital Wireless Gaming Headset - Creative HS-1200



On the headset’s right cup reside its controls. These are divided into four contoured buttons, with volume up and down sensibly placed at the top and bottom, while the front button answers or ends Skype calls and the back one turns the set on or off. This arrangement is generally fine, though occasionally you might find yourself turning off the phones when you only meant to adjust the volume.

The left ear-cup carries the noise-cancelling microphone, which unlike the flimsy foam efforts found on so many headsets is constructed of solid, thick plastic and mounted on a flexible metal arm. It doesn’t have a dedicated button to turn it on and off; instead you swivel the mic down to turn it on and back up to turn it off.

Since the HS-1200 receives its audio signal over USB, it can only be used with a PC. On top of this the software required to run it is only compatible with Windows XP or Vista, so Mac and Linux users need not apply.

Creative’s headset uses 2.4GHz RF technology giving it an excellent claimed range of 22m, which held up in testing. Battery life is also excellent. Being able to charge the headset from the transceiver unit through a single USB is a simple and elegant solution, though you might want to get a USB charger if you don’t have a computer that keeps its ports powered when switched off.

However, even a short charge is enough to get several hours of use out of the HS-1200 and the set can be hooked up while in use so you’ll never be caught out. The only real disadvantage to the HS-1200’s charging system is that the battery is not user replaceable and lithium batteries have a habit of dying after a few years. It’s also worth keeping in mind that the charging cable is quite short at 88cm.

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