Casio Exilim TRYX EX-TR100 - Sample Images: Image Quality



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Casio TRYX
Used in Premium Auto mode the TRYX will analyze what’s before it and automatically select the right scene mode.

Casio TRYX
Used wide open at 21mm, the TRYX is capable of perfectly good snapshots

Casio TRYX
The Automatic HDR function is capable of delivering pleasing results

Casio TRYX
The HDR Art effect in the other hand…

Casio TRYX
Given its dimensions and flexibility, the TRYX lends itself well to street photography

Casio TRYX
The swivel screen encourages you to shoot at high and low angles

Casio TRYX
Sharpness at 21mm is fine

However, using the digital zoom has a decidedly negative effect on image quality

Score in detail

  • Image Quality 6
  • Value 5